Abundant Art Show & Projects

In between job searches, I have made sure to fill my bullet journal with projects for me to expand my Portfolio with and to share on many of the social media sites I’m a part of.

Current projects I have lined up are:

  • Calligraphy
    • Creating another wedding suite in a brighter, more illustrative style
      • Save the Date
      • Invitation
      • RSVP Card
      • Envelope Addressing
      • Menus
      • Wedding Vows
      • Timeline
      • Program
      • Place Cards
    • Song lyrics
  • Vector Art/Fanart
    • Persona 5 characters
      • Protagonist
      • Morgana
      • Ryuji Sakamoto
      • Ann Takamaki
      • Yusuke Kitagawa
      • Makoto Niijima
      • Futaba Sakura
      • Haru Okumura
      • Goro Akechi
  • Zine
    • Calligraphy
      • Positive thoughts

The next steps will be to determine which of these are a priority, which will also help determine my deadlines.

Another big part of my life is updating all of my social media sites and profiles. At the bottom of my website you will see links to my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Dribbble, Pinterest, and Behance accounts. I have a lot of catch-up to do with my social media, but I really enjoy that because it feels very rewarding every time I make a new post. I never thought a large part of my career as an artist would be to create and maintain a plethora of social media sites, but I’m very happy that it does!

I am also currently taking part in the online Abundant Art Show! Here are some progress shots of the painting I am currently working on for it, which will be finished tomorrow and put up for sale on Etsy then! Please make sure to check it out and snatch up the painting on Etsy while you can!

I will be publishing blog posts every Friday, so make sure to check back to read about my upcoming Patreon account in a week!

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