Life Never Slows Down

… Now matter how much you wish it did, right?

So many things have happened since I last posted! I found a full time job, my car broke down for the last time leading to a much earlier than anticipated purchase of a new one, transitioning from a recently graduated student to a sort-of full-fledged adult, etc.

It gets to be hard sometimes. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs but I’m continuing to use my planners to stay organized and try to stem the anxiety before it gets to be too much. Also trying to think positively is a bit of a challenge, but I’d like to think I’m getting better at it, which if I think about it, is a positive thought in and of itself.

For a while after starting my new job, I didn’t make time to be creative because I was just so tired when I got home. Thanks to one of my coworkers though, I was incredibly inspired to make things happen for myself, leading to the launch of my new Patreon!

My Patreon is called Sparks Of Life, which are series of narrative illustrations that are interconnected and tell a story with little to no written context. This is something I’ve had brewing in my mind since I was in high school and it’s so invigorating to finally see it come to life! Here is the first illustration I did, titled Distances: Skyward.

I think it’s a bit too much in the same color range looking back on it, which honestly isn’t that far back, being only a couple of weeks ago. I’m definitely already working towards having much more contrast in my next piece, which will be published later this week! This illustration was made with Clip Studio Paint on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

I’ve actually been doing a lot more work on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil! I’m honestly absolutely obsessed with using it now; I actually woke up ridiculously early yesterday just to spend the next 12 hours non-stop sketching and hand lettering on it. Here are some of the things I sketched, doodled, and wrote in the last week or so:

I’m actually almost embarrassed to show the above thumbnail/sketch, but I really need to remember that sketches need to be just sketches and they don’t need to be good finished pieces. It felt pretty good to get the idea out there, so I shouldn’t be afraid to admit it. For the purposes of a sketchbook on my iPad Pro, I absolutely love Paper by 53. It’s very minimal, there are no layers and it actually presents itself just like a sketchbook too, which I really like as I get to flip through my sketches instead of them taking up individual spaces on a grid like most art programs.

For the next two, which feature calligraphy and a super quick, loose illustration of a Christmas tree, I used Procreate, which I absolutely love! I’ve never really given a thought about doing calligraphy on my iPad Pro, but I’ve seen so many calligraphers on Instagram using it that I tried it out and was absolutely blown away! I’d loved doing illustrations on Procreate, but wow, it’s also pretty well suited for calligraphy too! I honestly think I might be using it for all digital calligraphy, in any case where clients would just like to be able to print the files out themselves at home. Of course, I still love traditional calligraphy, but I love this because I can take it out anywhere and get to work on an invitation suite or greeting card, instead of having to set up my work space and waiting for ink to dry.

The above doodle is of a character from the video game Overwatch, which I love. The character is Tracer, who is featured pretty prominently on the cover art and is considered to be the mascot for the game. She is wearing a different skin than her default one, and I must say it’s my favorite costume in the entire game. I doodled this while waiting for my Nintendo Switch to download various updates, and I’m actually proud of how quickly I was able to block out general shapes and the pose. I’m missing a TON of details here, but I’m pretty tempted to come back to it at some point to fully flesh it out. I could probably turn it into a print I could sell at conventions!

I did this Pokémon doodle on my 10 minute break at work today to honor my female Rowlett in Ultra Moon that I so aptly named Hedwig because I’m a gigantic Harry Potter nerd.

Anyway, I’ll end this post here! I hope you all enjoyed reading it, leave a comment about how your life is going and what you use to sketch! Of course, please consider following me on my social media to show me some love, or even pledging to my Patreon to really help me out! Bye guys!